About us

Corporate Matching Program is an exclusive platform for the business ventures that have an appetite for cross country expansion. If your intrinsic business strength or technology makes you fit for global expansion, Corporate Matching Program can set up the pace of your business expansion by bringing you closer to the companies across world for the purpose of Joint Ventures; Technology licensing & JV arrangement; Equity participation & private placement; Contract manufacturing; Franchising & Distributorship across borders.

Corporate Matching Program takes organizations beyond the traditional nomenclature of acquisition & merger and provides a platform for more effective and efficient joint ventures and alliances where significant benefits & value creation are realized on both the sides. It’s an efficient way to a suitable business alliance & its smooth progression and closure. The program has seen a very high number of enrollments from the businesses across the world out of which many are in the different stages of deals of technology transfers, Joint Ventures and equity participation between companies from different geographies.

Enroll your business in Corporate Matching Program for access to our network & a sea of business opportunities across the globe.