What is CMP?

Corporate Matching Program is a 21st century idea that helps you find a reliable business partner in the internationalization process of your business. This platform uses a friendly network of advisors and corporate in a trusted environment without any cold calls to take your business and ideas truly global. CMP, the Corporate Matching Program has on board some of the most trusted companies and valuable brands from around the world (29 countries & growing) and connects business in realizing their goals of global expansion. Through Joint Ventures, Licensing Arrangements, Financing, Distribution & many novel structuring methods to help establish your business or product in a country of your choice within the network.

The Element of Trust:

Corporate Matching Program is like a closed circuit boardroom where businesses through their advisors and representatives work cohesively on a common platform. CMP, the Corporate Matching Program keeps the details confidential, sharing them only with the right businesses & the individuals that match the credibility & potential of a particular project.

CMP works through a seamless & swift, “People 2 People” connect for your business.  Bringing it closer to other businesses that have the potential for possible Joint Ventures, Technology Licensing & JV Arrangement, Equity Participation & Private Placement, Contract Manufacturing, and Franchising & Distributorship across borders.

Think Global:

Corporate Matching Program is a platform that takes businesses and projects to a whole new global level. This exclusive program breaks the conventional boundaries of merger & acquisitions, and joint ventures. It's a far more effective and efficient network that brings the best of the minds and the best of resources together. CMP is known by the warm meetings and discussions which lead to benefits and value creations on both the sides. CMP makes business progress smooth and the alliance even smoother to maximize reach and achieve goals. It connects businesses from different countries and geographies by getting them on the same page.

It is the brainchild of a competent team that has over the years successfully connected businesses from different geographies, countries, and economies leading to a smoother global integration and presence.

Endless Opportunities:

The opportunities are endless as CMP connects businesses from sectors like Healthcare, Banking, Investment Management, Private Equity, Automation, FMCG, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Natural Resources, Oil & Gas, Information Technology, Textile, Real Estate, Infrastructure and much more. No matter what the business is or which sector it belongs to, the exclusive network of over 120 advisors makes sure that business is headed in the right direction. CMP has experts and advisors from various participating organizations that hold rights for possible strategic alliances and corporate financial advisory in diverse business sectors.

The Framework:

The entire Corporate Matching Program is based on the foundation of a strong working relationship among leading

  • Law Firms
  • Investment Banks
  • Financial Advisory Firms
  • Corporate Houses and individuals from across the globe.

These work together competently in helping businesses achieve their global ambitions. Businesses and individuals from anywhere in the world can connect through this unique platform. CMP “Investigates, Identifies, Initiates” businesses in geographies and countries which hold potential for global expansion. From major economies to distant parts of the globe, CMP takes projects, businesses and ideas to a wider audience. It is a launch pad for taking business to the world in the most seamless, swift, convenient and trustful ways.