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Corporate Matching Project (CMP) is a not just a commercial opportunity forum. We care deeply for the less privileged industry also. CMP has a completely pro bono & not for profit section where we try to help those entrepreneurs who are less privileged and under the grip of crisis. The Covid19 crisis has made a hit worldwide. When a small or a single person business takes a hit, the largest casualty is the employees who lose their jobs. Our main focus under the CMP is to save as many jobs as possible during & after this crisis. You will find descriptions of many such projects that have come in through State Government agencies, Chamber of commerce and Non Profit Organizations that have carried out stellar work over many decades.

This segment of CMP is focussed on getting micro & single person business money to survive the crisis. Sometimes a small donation of US$ 1000 can buy a person a small cart, a cow or a bullock, battery operated rickshaw or farming equipment that increases their ability to earn more. Small sums of donation help such people to improve capital and raise debt at concessional rates from banks. Many a times it is a very small figure that helps a needy person save their family and make a difference between dissolution or survival.

Here people from more affluent countries for whom such difficulty is just a story about a country far away. Developed countries have social systems that protect against unemployment, free healthcare and education while people in struggling countries find such support just an unfulfilled fantasy.

Donation for such people & especially in the post Covid19 could be the most humane thing that a person or a corporation can do for their less lucky

This is a CMP attempt to bring ‘patient’ capital for industry to revive & turn around after a crisis. To avert a possible bankruptcy sometimes help is needed for those businesses that are well meaning but not as fortunate. Many businesses would not want help without the ability to repay with gratitude. Due to this the CMP-help is an initiative to find capital investors and partners who could contribute capital and let the company they help either buy back their shares or reward their investors with good returns should they wish to keep their investment for the long term. The CMP help is an attempt to save Jobs and cut down on employment after the Covid19 crisis. Many businesses are on the verge of closure or bankruptcy and sometime an investment as small as US$ 5000-50,000 can help save 10 to 100 jobs. When the corporates & people in more prosperous country or business segments agree to lend a helping hand, many small & mid-size businesses would be able to cross this crisis without the need to close down and in the even leave their employees jobless.

With many CMP partners law related organizations, we have taken up the task of carrying out the paperwork & necessary compliance requirements on behalf of all these small & micro business houses on a strictly PRO BONO basis, especially in India. With our considerable exposure to international corporates and financing sources we are trying to tap the international channels to help the industries worldwide and more focussed on India.