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What is CMP?

Reliable & Unique Business Opportunities

The uniqueness of CMP lies in its reliability and true opportunities. Unlike other channels, all the projects listed with CMP come in through noted Corporates, Law firms, Commercial & Investment banks, Management Consultants etc. All companies & projects shared are authentic & legitimate.


The Concept

Spread over 27 countries, Corporate Matching Program is a unique concept that empowers a business to see and evaluate opportunity across geographies, opening new roads to sustainability and profits. You can leverage CMP to connect with international Corporates, Advisors and Financial Institutions to enter new market or to create other business opportunities for yourself.

CMP is aimed at bringing together the world leading corporates & companies in form of Joint Ventures; licensing new technology; outsourcing manufacturing; franchisee & distribution; Private Equity, ECBs for fuelling their growth ambitions. The Program gives a participating company, irrespective of the sector, the access to exclusive network of 120+ advisors, Corporates & Financial Institution around the world having rights from numerous participant companies for strategic alliances and corporate finance advisory in diverse business sectors.

Who can use CMP?

  • Companies & Advisors of Companies that wish to expand overseas
  • Investors that wish to acquire or invest in foreign businesses
  • ​Businesses that are looking for JV partners or  international investors or lenders or distributors
  • Inventors / Patent holders who wish to commercialize
  • Chamber of Commerce – helping their members expand
  • ​Investment Funds & MNC Banks that wish to invest or lend overseas
  • Companies that wish to outsource manufacturing

How it Works?

Corporate Matching Program works a as Think Tank, doing market research, adding best overseas business opportunities to the platform for your business. Through this platform, your business is taken to the potential partner or business who is looking for cross border expansion.


​It starts off with your signing up on the platform, making your business profile and adding your business teaser. The teasers start appearing in searches conducted by other members enrolled on the platform. It is reviewed by CMP's editorial board as well to understand your business' intrinsic strength.

  • Register your Business

    Create a free member account & explore all the M&A opportunities across sector worldwide

  • Add your Project

    Upload the profile of your project along with the teaser on no name basis

  • Find your Business Match

    Find suitable investors, partners or lenders for your project, meet the interested parties & close the deal.

On behalf of your business, we discuss your business opportunity with advisors and businesses for a possible global expansion or investment. The advisors on behalf of their respective clients work in a unique closed end environment to complete the transaction. 

How much does it Cost?

In case you are looking outwards to the international markets of EU, North & South America, China, Japan, ASEAN, Australasia, Africa – you should look at CMP. Corporate Matching is a closed ended program and there is no fee to register on the platform. Below are three plans that we offer under CMP with different features:



Register for Free
  • Create an Account
  • Explore database of M&A projects
  • ​Download Teasers of Project
  • Show your interest 


INR 15000
per project

Add Your Project
  • Upload Teaser of your Project
  • Get list of matching Projects through are unique algorithm 
  • Project will be circulated to global network of advisors & corporates
  • Set up meeting with interested parties

Note: Success Fees will depend upon the type of transaction

Why Should You Register?

  • ​Get access to over 100+ M&A Opportunities from around the work
  • Network with Top Advisors, Investors & Financial Institutions
  • Get Regular updates on new projects and M&A deals
  • Share your project with global business community
  • Download detailed Market Entry reports to help you plan the business expansion
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CMP Success Stories

The CMP has been instrumental in bringing some unique business collaborations between businesses from different countries. The program has yielded:

  • A Joint Venture between a listed Indian company & a EU company in the business of Wood Polishes & paints

  • A Joint Venture between a listed Indian company & a Chinese company in the business of Chemicals

  • A marketing & distribution JV between a EU company & Indian company for safety engineering products.

  • Solar EPC related projects between EU & India

  • Food preservation & Disinfectant franchises between EU & India

  • Fertilizers and a unique franchise program for farmers between Australia & India.

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