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Here some of the latest & trending M&A opportunities available on CMP. This is an indicative list, you can share your requirement with us and our team can help you find suitable matching project from across the world.

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    Invest in an Alcohol Distributor Seeking Vertical Integration

    Indian Alcohol Trader and Distributer is looking to open its own set of distilleries to maximise efficiency and profitability from its processes.

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  • 2
    Invest in a Leading Manufacturer of Dehydrated Food Products

    The Indian company manufactures dehydrated food products and is looking for cash to scale its infrastructure and to fund working capital.

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  • 3
    Invest in a Renowned Indian FMCG Exporter

    An Indian food product manufacturer requires an injection of liquidity in the company to help them expand their operations, distribution, and sales channels.

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