How it works

How Corporate Matching Program works?

Corporate Matching Program works a as Think Tank, doing market research, adding best overseas business opportunities to the platform for your business.

Through this platform, your business is taken to the potential partner or business who is looking for cross border expansion. It starts off with your signing up on the platform, making your business profile and adding your business teaser. The teasers start appearing in searches conducted by other members enrolled on the platform. It is reviewed by CMP\'s editorial board as well to understand your business'intrinsic strength.

On behalf of your business, we discuss your business opportunity with advisors and businesses for a possible global expansion or investment.

The advisors on behalf of their respective clients work in a unique closed end environment to complete the transaction.


To maintain the element of trust, the information about your project and organisation is kept confidential and not publicly disclosed except to the businesses which match your project.