Joint Venture with an Australian Firm to set up Soil Testing and Fertilizer Sites

An Australian phosphate mining company is committed to promoting sustainable agriculture in India by establishing soil testing and fertilizer sites across multiple regions through a joint venture or franchisees.

Industry: Agriculture   Years in Business: 10 years
Country: Australia   State: New South Wales
Revenue (USD): Not Disclosed   Project Status:
Business Type: Manufacturing   Transaction: Joint Venture

Company Overview

The company operates across all districts and states in India, providing a complete fertilizer supply service under the name "Green to Grow Fuel" Fertilizer Products. With its access to the supply of mineral resources from Australia, the company can mix a fertilizer that is highly suitable for the complete rejuvenation of agricultural lands and as such, has established a subsidiary in India and plans to roll out 553 "soil testing" franchises across various regions in the country.

By providing farmers with the essential nutrient components for crops such as fruit, vegetables, and grains, the company plays a crucial role in seed formation and the improvement of crop quality. Moreover, the company values the expertise of farmers and works alongside them to create land resources that produce optimum-quality plants, pastures, and forestry products.


Product or Technology Overview

Soil Testing- 


Specialist Fertilizer Mix- 



What the Company is looking for?

Target Country:



The company plans to set up soil testing and fertilizer businesses and develop wastelands all over India through a Joint Venture or franchisees to encourage plantations in redeveloped areas. It aims to produce 5 million tons per annum to meet the needs of the Indian market. Additionally, it also plans to establish Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) separation centers with a mulching program for MSW collection and use as part of its tree plantation plan. 



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