Invest in a Fast-Growing Indian EV Equipment Manufacturer

The company has recently been revitalised post-COVID after its management led it in a new direction. It has been garnering attention and requires funding to take its growth to the next stage.

Industry: Automotive   Years in Business: 30 years
Country: India   State: Haryana
Revenue (USD): 0.77 million (FY22)   Project Status:
Business Type: Manufacturing   Transaction: Fundraising

Company Overview

Product or Technology Overview





HVAC PM Motors: HVAC PM motors are a type of electric motor commonly used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, offering high efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements


What the Company is looking for?

Target Country:



The management is open to financial investment by either domestic or foreign partners and strategic investment from foreign investors only but is not willing to divest more than 51%. It seeks an immediate funding of USD 4.5-5 million in two tranches, of which it plans to use USD 1-1.3 million for capital expenditure and the rest for inventory.



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