Invest in Indian Firm Offering Water Supply Schemes

Indian company with offerings in water supply schemes and other infrastructural projects, seeking to raise equity/debt funding from a foreign/domestic institution to execute the government projects in hand.

Industry: Engineering   Years in Business: 35 years
Country: India   State: Madhya Pradesh
Revenue (USD): US $3.66 Mn (in FY19)   Project Status:
Business Type: Manufacturing   Transaction: Fundraising

Company Overview

The group was founded in 1988, the group has completed over 175 projects for the government and the private sector, across 12+ sectors in 6 different states across India. The founder of the group has over 35 years of experience in a variety of industria; applications, including the rubber industry, water tanks, dam gates and heavy machinery manufacturing.

Product or Technology Overview

The group has offerings in water supply schemes, civil dams, barrages, pre-engineered buildings etc. with major focus on government projetcs.


What the Company is looking for?

Target Country:



The company is looking to raise equity/debt funding of about US $1O Mn to execute the projects in hand worth about US $55.5 Mn. All projects are government projects, and are well funded. The main aim is to provide the basic necessity of water supply in rural areas of India.



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