Invest in an Alcohol Distributor Seeking Vertical Integration

Indian Alcohol Trader and Distributer is looking to open its own set of distilleries to maximise efficiency and profitability from its processes.

Industry: Food and Beverage   Years in Business: 10 years
Country: India   State: Delhi NCR
Revenue (USD): 15+ million   Project Status: Open
Business Type: Manufacturing   Transaction: Fundraising

Company Overview

The company engages in trading and distribution of alcohol, solvents, chemicals, and food commodities.


Product or Technology Overview

The company’s products and services include:


What the Company is looking for?

Target Country:



The company has expressed a preference for a foreign investor, but is also willing to consider domestic investors, and is looking to dilute 15-20% of the equity. The company is open to exploring debt financing options, and the proposed project will be a greenfield investment.



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